Glitz & Glamour

Wake Up Call || Miarren 

It didn’t matter what did or didn’t happen last night,  even though it totally did— Mia wasn’t easily going to forget the fact that he virtually punched one of his assortment of managers. Especially Michael being one of the closest to Darren. Something really had to set him off to get physical. Sure, Darren was quite an emotional guy but to resort to violence? That was more college Criss than anything else. Maybe tearing up his skin last night was not the smartest decision since he would already been in trouble but oops? Walking up early morning to use the bathroom, Mia grabbed Darren’s planner and paged through it. She wasn’t one to rummage through his shit but specific information was needed. Studio time with Chord? A few strings could be pulled for a later start. Would be be mad or thankful? As long as his ass wasn’t on the line later? Oh well, Darren couldn’t be too pissed.

Staying quiet, a quick call cleared her boyfriend until ten— a five hour resting period. Mia told Ryan that she needed Dare last night and he barely had gotten any sleep. Not knowing pregnancy but being a father, Murph quickly agreed with not so much as even a disappointing tone. She didn’t exactly lie to the man; he was needed in other ways. His alarm was shut off and Mia snoozed for another two hours. Coffee and toast was made upon waking up; she brought a warm mug in for her boyfriend and placed it on the end table. “Baby?” Mi’s voice was barely above whispered. The warm hand cupped the side of Darren’s neck as she sat on the edge of the bed. “I know you had a long night of making it rain on television but you gotta wake up,” she said softly but clearly in a joking manner. Her gentle touches were to wake him from his slumber but not jerk him up uncomfortably. If letting him sleep in was thought to be her only motive than it was a wrong assumption. Last night needed to be addressed. Not too aggressively, no, but it was a mandatory discussion.